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Compass of Cosmic Wisdom
Spectrum of All-Colour Perception


MOTHER OF PEARL – Aligning your Self-Conscious State with the Divine Will
Your Self-conscious State is a function of your Soul which allows you to interface with the spiritual law of the Cosmos in the minute details of your physical life. Your Self-conscious State is the core of your point of origin—and, therefore, the point of origin of everything that is—and so, in its original state, your Self-conscious State is at one with the Cosmic Conscience.  It is your true Conscience, therefore.

However, because the Colour of your Self-conscious State is MOTHER OF PEARL and MOTHER OF PEARL is the Colour of your Freewill to choose, your Self-conscious State can choose whether to be driven by your ego, or to align itself to the Divine Will.

The purpose of your Self-conscious State has always been to grow your awareness about who you are—in essence and in relation to the rest of the Cosmos—as well as about everything you choose to do and, therefore, how you go about creating a spiritual atmosphere for your environment.

When you recognise the manner and extent to which your grasping, ego-driven Self-conscious State has aligned itself with the many varieties of planetary egos—all of them fearing dying in abandonment, focusing upon the many layers of self in the physical world, concerned about loss of power (ultimately, over life and over death) and determined to gain and keep control of everything possible—you will rapidly perceive precisely how your own misaligned Self-conscious State has contributed to the domination of the world by the very species whose Self-conscious State was created by the Divine Will to serve the evolvement of the Earth.

Recognising the difference between the requirements of the Old World and the New and choosing to live according to the requirements of the latter will involve your putting a Death to those redundant Old World perspectives.  MOTHER OF PEARL, via the Compass, is able to redress the imbalance of your Self-conscious State (which has become locked into a condition of perpetual abandonment) and enable you to become the active Mother of your Dreams and Destiny.

Supports for MOTHER OF PEARL:
Stone ~ Vanadinite
Metal ~ Aluminium
Essential Oils ~ Ylang Ylang & Ravensar
Plant ~ Blossom
Animal ~ Echidna

New World Masters’ MOTHER OF PEARL
2015 Study date: Friday 5th December

The Ray of Aligning Your Self-Conscious State
with the Divine Will
The Compass of Cosmic Wisdom
Spectrum All-Colour Perception


For those wishing to undertake Masters’ MOTHER OF PEARL study, remembering this may be done on any day and not only inline with the Peace Space Study Calendar dates, please email us.

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