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Mastering your Physical Life by Integrating the Interpretation of your Intuition

TURQUOISE is the Ray of the truth of who your Soul really wants you to be. It will help you discover that there will always be more to what you thought you could become (i.e., discovering “Truth and further Truth”). TURQUOISE is the “Gentle Giant” of the Colour Spectrum, strengthening you for the tasks set for you by your contract with “the Bigger Picture”.

TURQUOISE will show you where, in your Multiple Personalities, you lose the integrity of your natural self-empowerment to the extent that you feel you have to grasp for power. By recognising your areas of vulnerability, you will be able to stay in a space of non-prejudice and non-judgement so you can use your Intuition for the greater good.

The TURQUOISE path is that of belonging to what you know to be your correct way by becoming it, living it and being it—and of inspiring others by your example rather than by what you say.


With this Colour Ray study, you will have further understanding of:

TURQUOISE & your Intuition: The Ray that governs your Intuition, TURQUOISE will show you that your Intuition is primarily a way of reaching beyond your dense, physical existence into intuitively guided spiritual existence.
TURQUOISE The Master Number (11): The Colour associated with the Master Number 11, signifying that you have the choice between staying with the certainty of what you have been very good at, and meeting the responsibility of exploring what the spiritual life has in store for you.
TURQUOISE Boundaries:  those pertaining to the seeking of truth and further truth and which are meant to expand as you grow in your ability to use your Intuition in polite and disciplined ways.
Inspirational integrity: developing an integrity that is inspirational and the importance of integrating this integrity into the mundane physicality of your everyday life.
The AXIS SHIFT and the importance of TURQUOISE Healing
Peace & Unity and the areas in which TURQUOISE can create this: assistance with physical burdens, with the stress of change and growth, acting as a cooling salve and bandage.
Healing and maintaining your Multiple Personalities (MP’s) with TURQUOISE : What are they?; Monitoring them; Multiple Personality Disorder; Aligning your MP’s.
The Victim-Perpetrator-Survivor cycle:  and the energy of each of these.
Individual independence and self-empowerment:  both of which require you to stand beyond the history of your ‘social conditioning’ and belong to universal group-consciousness.

2014 study date: Friday 12th December

The Ray of the Talisman for Treatment & Intuitive Integration

Mastering your Physical Life
by Integrating the Interpretation
of your Intuition

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Your Colour Healing Journey
It is generally understood that the purpose of the spiritual journey is less the destination than it is the experience of travelling.  While this is true of this Colour journey, its purpose extends beyond “spiritual acquisitiveness” in all its forms and leads the committed traveller into healing realms and ever expanding awareness for the sake of serving dimensional life previously unknown and unimagined.

For those wishing to undertake TURQUOISE Ray study, remembering this may be done on any day and not only inline with the Peace Space Study Calendar dates, please email us.