WHITE RAY – Friday 20th March, 2015

The Ray of
Your Freewill
to be
to be


132 mandala

Angel ~ Archangel Gabriel
Stones ~ Zeolite, Pearl, Mother of Pearl, Coral, Howlite, Quartz Solution, Moonstone, Ulexite, Meteorite
Essential Oil ~ German Chamomile, Roman Chamomile
Plants ~ Feverfew, Elder Tree (Elderberry), White Clover, English Daisy, Jergón Sacha, Birch, Ioho (Yew) & Ballart (Native Cherry), Huathe (Hawthorn), Clary Sage, Yarrow
Animals ~ Elemental Air Dragon, Plains Zebra, Snow Leopard, Dragonfly, Snake, Bush Hen, Fire Dragon, Deer, Saint Bernard Dog, Ladybird
Tarot ~ The Hermit

BALANCED STATE OF THE PSYCHE “All is well in my world.” 
DEFICIENT STATE OF THE PSYCHE ~ Locked into past or future: “I don’t know which way to go.” 
EXCESSIVE STATE OF THE PSYCHE ~ Impulsiveness: “I need to experience all things.” 
FEAR STATE OF THE PSYCHE ~ Stagnation, fear of stagnation or fear of change


Another’s etheric pattern—inclusive of Black Holes!—should ALWAYS be considered private and personal to them alone. No matter what the situation, it is ALWAYS unnecessary, disrespectful and impolite to attempt to heal another unless you have been expressly asked to do so.
However, if your healing services have been sought, your task is just to heal—pure and simple.

Approaching another’s etheric pattern with inquisitiveness or with “psychic impoliteness”, will ignite and fuel further abuse of great magnitude that will cause mental stress for the other person and, at the very least, a significant “shut down” in your own spiritual healing abilities. Remember that those who dive into another’s deep holes of hurt with disrespect or self-adulatory overdrive will ALWAYS surface with “the bends” of illusion and delusion.

~ from Peace Space’s WHITE Ray manual

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