The Ray of

Your Freewill

to be


To Be



WHITE mandala 88


In 2015, Peace Space is embracing and welcomes WHITE Ray healing on Friday 20th March.

For anyone joining us in this study – and also for those who are becoming ever more in-tune with and aware of the energies about them – you may have begun to notice the influence of WHITE Ray energy during the week. More information about WHITE may be found here.

You may also wish to ask yourself, what is the state of my own psyche at this time?

BALANCED STATE OF THE PSYCHE “All is well in my world.” 

DEFICIENT STATE OF THE PSYCHE ~ Locked into past or future: “I don’t know which way to go.” 

EXCESSIVE STATE OF THE PSYCHE ~ Impulsiveness: “I need to experience all things.” 

FEAR STATE OF THE PSYCHE ~ Stagnation, fear of stagnation or fear of change


132 mandala

For those wishing to undertake RED Ray study, remembering this may be done on any day and not only inline with the Peace Space Study dates, please email us.