Centre for Self-Guided
Etheric & Colour Healing Study

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For the first time in one definitive compilation, waiting to walk with you is the wisdom of over 170 Animals written over 18 years for the Peace Space mode to healing. 

These are your faithful, gentle companions as you span the hues of heartful Colour healing from Old World ways into the New World awaiting you.

Peace Space offers an integrated system, or mode, of healing which includes:

  • A collection of Healing Mandalas and associated Meditative Mandala texts from across the 13 Colour Rays of Perceptional Healing, for greater understanding of 65 states of your psycho-spiritual perceptual levels and for personal healing thereof;
  • Deeper study of the 13-Colour spectrum at expanded, more experiential levels;
  • Introductory studies of the Masters’ and New World Colours for greater understanding of humanity’s healing role within the Cosmos;
  • A guide to Energenetics which assists you to distinguish between the redundant influences of your physical family and those influences of the spiritual family which promote the impetus of your soul’s purpose;
  • A guide to Etheric Transfusion, the fourth level of the Energenetics work, which shifts from your etheric patterning any redundant reliance on anything which inhibits your courage and conviction from creating the sort of social change that is commensurate with an ascended world. Etheric Transfusion healing aligns your physical consciousness with the yearning of your fully Source-connected Soul;


  • A comprehensive Clearing & Protection process, with interrelated Mandalas underpinning the Peace Space mode to healing.
This mode to healing is designed to support us all ~
In our growing awareness of the subtleties within energy
and the consequent possibility of distortion, illusion and manipulation
and the chaos that often results;
In mastering responsibility for our individual intuitive ability; and
In respecting the energies with which we meet, both within ourselves and others.
We thank you for your commitment to work in this way
for the healing of our Earth.