The Beauty Of Blossoming The Future

PEACH is the energetic colour of Ethereal Fluidium—the fuel for your vehicle which conveys your Soul’s purpose into incarnation.

PEACH sets the flow of Ethereal Fluidium in motion. It is the energy that precedes your future—you only have to “think it” and “it” is here! It is a manifesting energy, but rather than being able to use it for materialist purposes, you can only use it for dematerialising for the sake of the future.

PEACH helps you embrace life “no matter what”. PEACH is able to show you the total richness of your situation’s potential, quelling any confusion caused by what seems to be “too much happening” and showing you that you do not have to make difficult choices if you accept your situation as it is and allow it to unfold before you. PEACH, therefore, represents the fullest potential for positive creativity that lies within your present situation no matter what it is.

PEACH reminds you that, if you persist in departing from your present situation because you perceive that “the grass is greener” elsewhere, you will lose not only the opportunity for creating a positive synthesis of seemingly disparate aspects of your situation, but also the opportunity to use this positive, constructive goodness—the only energy with which you will be able to create a new world for the future—before the future “arrives”. What we are referring to here is your ability to create “future karma”.

The term “future karma” refers to those attitudes, thoughts and actions (neither positive nor negative) which create the future—just as “past karma” (neither positive nor negative) has created the present. If you wish to create a future that is as different from the past as it is possible for you to envisage—a New World, in fact—the “future karma” you create with every moment of your present life will have to be as positive as possible.

PEACH is infinity fulfilled, ever giving nourishment yet ever filling up with life. PEACH energy is energy for the “New World, while not yet of the New World. It is a preparative energy—preparing you in being familiar with your Soul and its Soulspeak at all levels, and in being able not only to select and take with you into the future only that which is positive and constructive, but also to create such positive, constructive energy for that future.

When you can learn to do this—it takes little effort, for all you do is “let go and let God”— you will find that you have entered into the Bliss of the Cosmos. Indeed, this going with the Flow of Life is the way of the Cosmos. PEACH is the Still Point of your aligned Psyche, which Firegold has created. It is here, in this Still Point, that you are able to listen to and hear and understand your Soulspeak and so surrender to Divine Intent as your only possible way forward. It is here, in this Still Point of Total Surrender, that the Bliss, which you have sought unsuccessfully for so long in material things, may be found. Thus, it is you who can create your joy and bliss no matter what your condition or situation in life.

PEACH is, therefore, the giver of palliative care—to all that are dying to the forms and ways of the redundant past. PEACH leaves you with no sense that you may be “missing out on having it all”, nor with any fear of losing what you hold so dear, be this a person, a place, an object, an idea, a thought, a belief, or even your own physical existence. After all, why would you be so fearful when you can see all around you and within you how new life is always coming into being?

PEACH and the Consciousness of the New World

By promoting your positive potential, PEACH pioneers the joyous consciousness that creates the New World. While this consciousness opens up to you all the realities, realms and dimensions within the Cosmic Community, you should know that this greater awareness has been given to you to use for positive spiritual purposes. Here you should examine your motives very closely. If you employ the balance of your Still Point to help you ride the tidal wave of this Cosmic Consciousness, you will eventually find yourself on sure/shore ground, but if you abuse it in any way, it will surely “dump” you.

PEACH energy is able to school you in the spiritual etiquette required if you are to live life within the New World. The new attitudes that PEACH will engender within you will help you welcome Life, in whatever guise it presents itself to you, with openness, confidence, grace and gentleness5 (the last mentioned attribute having the greatest power) so that you can accomplish what your Soul intends you express in this incarnation. This will provide you with the only viable foundation for the New World. PEACH will have you realise the worth, the beauty and the goodwill that your own life holds in abundance with every moment of “right now”. Its energy will have you recognise that there is infinitely more for you to create and be part of than you could ever have imagined while you were locked away by past physical attachments.

PEACH Wisdom
PEACH is able to awaken your original ancient wisdom which has changed and grown you so that all you have experienced from its home-grown fruits will enable you to recognise not only the dimensions of all realms and realities within the Cosmic Community, but also your own immortality. These dimensions and the fact of your immortality have been hidden for so long that you have forgotten them, but now they can emerge as your new reality. This will give you new youthfulness which is, in fact, the only thing that will help you avoid the aging process! By living Life without expecting things to be as you always assumed they should be, you will be allowing the God-force within you to materialise and shape mastered understandings from the Realms and Realities of the Cosmic Community and, in this way, PEACH will create for you a full life lived in accordance with—and, indeed, applauding— Divine Intent.

However, unless you have grown from being the funeral director who undertakes to carry out and put to rest all that is redundant in your life and, in actuality—rather than in theory only—accept what PEACH gives you and practise it in the opportunities which are given to your by every single situation of your life, you will just not “get it”. We therefore urge you to go beyond your usual ‘”fuzziness” and bite into your PEACH wisdom to find the balance that will calm your emotions and so soothe your Psyche.

Excerpt from Masters’ PEACH in the Peace Space Mode To Healing. 

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