PEACH: Highlighting The Prisons Of The Mind

The prisons of the mind are those images, attitudes, perceptions and experiences which limit the person from living in the fullest of their potential.

PEACH will give you a clearer picture of how either you or your social conditioning will have repressed, suppressed, depressed or compressed your behaviour and conscious thinking thus affecting you positive thought processing.

What are the prisons of the mind?

Suppression – put down, restrain, crush, and stifle, keeping or withdrawing from publication

Repression – keep down or under, quell, check, restraint

Depression – affect with low spirits, lower in level or activity, hollow, low spirits, dejection, despondency, low state of trading, slump

Compressionto squeeze together, make smaller in size, internal combustion, a squeezing of an explosive charge before igniting, to give additional force

Oppression the sense of being weighed down, prolonged cruel or unjust treatment, the excessive exercise of power/control or authority.

PEACH further opens the unconscious mind to the wealth of creativity there which for most parts been held captive by the materialistic thinking of the conscious mind. Once on a spiritual pathway, you become aware of the responsibility you have to provide for yourself with greater levels of creativity for change and growth and of the passing on of that knowledge for the good of the Earth. 

PEACH, finally, will lift you away from the pressure of all ill-positioned suppressions, repressions, depression and compression upon the psyche-mind that social expectations and conscious mind thinking have attempted to tame and deny the existence of until now. The psyche-mind is the spirited creative self which is connected to the cosmic Life-force which pervades all things.

Excerpt from Masters’ PEACH in the Peace Space Mode To Healing. 

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