Your Psyche & Your Mind

Connected to Source via the Ethereal Fluidium in your Lifecord, your Psyche is your portal into the dimensions of Cosmic Realms and Realities and into your higher states of consciousness so that you can receive communication from your Soul.

Your Psyche confers with your Soul via your Spirit, which acts as a sort of “runner” between your Soul and your Psyche. 

Also a portal into your physical consciousness, your Psyche is the keeper of your Mind, which is a vibration of your Psyche (just as your Spirit is a vibration of your Soul), so your Mind is servant to your Psyche.

When Ethereal Fluidium flows, via your Life Cord, from your Point of Origin to your Psyche, it melds with the composition of your physicality via your natural hydration.[1]  Because your Psyche is your point of connection with Source—a connection that keeps you alive within your physicality—you will immediately see how important it is for you to be on familiar and friendly terms with your Psyche! However, we generally observe that you have been somewhat wary of connecting with your Psyche. Psychology (which should be the science of making logic of your Soulspeak) certainly pervades what you consider to be your reality but this discipline is often distorted by your fear of listening to what your Soul is saying to you. 

Receiving your Soulspeak (concerning your belief in and belonging to the Cosmic Community) through the Ethereal Fluidium—the constant two-way flow of Source energy—your Psyche is where your Soulspeak interfaces with the logic of your physical consciousness.  The information your Spirit conveys from your Soul to the portal of your Psyche infuses every part of your body.  (The flow of this Source Energy can be represented by a vertically placed infinity sign over the whole of your etheric body.) 

If your Psyche is not constricted by fear—the fear of failing and the fear of many kinds of dying—but instead is consciously connected with your Soulspeak, you will be much more greatly “protected” as you engage with the many dimensions of Cosmic Realms and Realities.  Indeed, the power of your life will be determined by the ease with which you attend to your Soulspeak, for you will be relieved of the cognitive dissonance that is the cause of so much mental confusion and dis-ease.  Your consequently “soothed” Psyche will then allow the kundalini energy within you to ignite, rise and infuse all your creative endeavours with fresh, new Lifeforce which will activate your dreams and destiny by making you aware of your gifts and abilities so that you can become far more confidently and positively creative.  

[1] You are currently composed of approximately 70% water, but you will find that this percentage will rise as you become less dense and more fluidic.

From Masters’ PEACH in the Peace Space Mode To Healing. 

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