Rose-PEACH is the blossoming bloom of belonging to the higher principles and meanings in Life and becoming one with them. To this end, Rose-PEACH provides Source energy for your Soul—the energy you will require to produce your Soul’s purpose.

Rose-PEACH is the etheric colour of your skin, no matter if your skin is pale, dark, thin, or leathered (from the fear of facing the future) for Rose PEACH is the sap flowing through the veins of your continuous change. It is, therefore, not surprising that Rose-PEACH addresses all issues pertaining to Climate Change, so it will be wise for you to encourage all change you encounter by focussing and fine-tuning this Rose-PEACH energy. It will take you into the “Bigger Picture” of the why of Climate Change so you can feed the Earth with goodness, kindness, generosity and gentleness.

Rose-PEACH helps you to be comfortable in your body while you seek spiritual fulfilment. It helps you understand what creates your “comfort zones” so that you can relinquish your rigid controlling which only hinders all your pleasures and passions from flowing naturally and forming into those gifts and abilities you will require if you are to meld with the “Bigger Picture” of the world that is to be.

Your future, indeed, the way forward for all spiritual socialisation, consists of your existing within the Cosmic Consciousness and being counselled by the Cosmic Conscience and it is Rose-PEACH that will assist you to be more closely aligned with both the Conscience and Consciousness of the Cosmos. Regardless of the physical condition you find yourself in, Rose-PEACH will be able to place you into an energetically “good space” for the sake of your future spiritual evolvement. Being in this “good space” will help you recognise your “skinship” within the many Dimensions of Realms and Realities within the Cosmic Community, so you will be able to socialise—and become one— with your real relatives. This will be necessary if you are to channel vital information for the future and incarnate it into the Earth Plane which, if it is to ascend, needs your Soul’s gifts and abilities—and, in fact, hungers and thirsts after them. Rose-PEACH strongly encourages that you rise above your current obsession with things physical so that you can manifest and materialise these gifts and abilities from those more spiritually astute Realms and Realities of Cosmic existence.

You will see now why Rose-PEACH is the purpose of shamanic practice and an important reason for shape- shifting, for it will turn you “inside out” so that your perceptions are marred by far fewer indiscretions and discrepancies. This will permit far fewer distracting influences to invade and envelop your energy field. Rose- PEACH thus releases you from being imprisoned by your mind, something that has inhibited you from realising your fullest potential of happiness until now. It will enable you to receive fully those great gifts which your Soul wishes to bestow upon you.

Rose-PEACH is certainly no affectation; nor is it some sort of infection that requires curing. Rather, Rose-PEACH carries with it a richness, warm as molten Gold, that will provide you with a flow of premonition to prepare you for the future so you can be of greater benefit to those and that to which you are in service. Rose-PEACH moves you beyond all your subconsciously controlling questions about what will happen in the future and keeps you safe within your ability to face the profundity of what it is to be present to—and within—the “Bigger Picture” of “it is as it is”. Because Rose-PEACH is where you meet your spiritual kindred kind, you should neither ignore nor avoid them when they present themselves to you for you have invited them in. It is they who will tell you all you need to know about your future existence within the Cosmic Community. So do please be pleasurably pleased in, with and by the present!

No longer will you feel the flow of life as a deflowering; no longer will you feel as if you are being assailed continuously by fruitless “flour bombs” for, once you allow Rose-PEACH to instruct you, you will be able to climb to a height where, “no matter what”, you will never again be able to resist the full flow, flavour or favour of Life. You always have had an abundance of guiding and supportive life-forms by your side, and now, with Rose-PEACH, you will have only to acquaint yourself with the advice from the Cosmic Company to quench your spiritual search in the abundant flow of their spiritual lore. By attending to this lore, you will find your Core of Comfort away from the crustiness of forever having to claw at finding your own cures.

By meeting this, your Higher Guidance, in meditation and claiming your right to abundant happiness in and with the present, you will be able to meet the coming future with the fulfilled faith that you will always have neither more nor less than you ever need to concern yourself with.

You will also discover that the Law of Attraction is very attractive indeed!

Rose-PEACH sits with Masters’ PEACH healing in the Peace Space Mode To Healing. 

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